Welcome everyone, to my website.

For years I have dreamt of one day creating a space to offload the many thoughts and ideas that savagely circle my brain. So here it is. To be honest I’ve always thought the idea of “my own website” is quite pretentious. Although through my many seasons of making mistakes and allowing the process for spiritual maturity and emotional maturity I would simply love to share the lessons I have learned with my amazing network of friends.

So for what it’s worth here it is, jjgoldsbury.com. I hope you think it is as pretty as I do. 

Some words of warning:

1.     This space was created for me to voice my thoughts, and opinions. In no way do I claim to have it all figured out. If you saw my everyday life you would quickly grasp that I have my own host of issues.

2.     I am in no way an awesome writer; I barely got out of high school English alive. At one point I think I promised Mrs. Lindquist my firstborn in exchange for at least a passing C so my dad wouldn’t be pissed at my grades. Lets just say she wasn’t much of a negotiator. So be warned grammar tyrants, I could care less.

3.      I can at times come across in my communication as very factual. I do apologize for this in advance, as I am aware “absolute truth” is in fact very relative these days. So if there is something you don’t agree with please don’t crucify me. That is mean.

4.     Just know you all are loved and I think the best of you so please think the best of me!

With all of that CLEARLY communicated I hope you enjoy my thoughts and feelings. As there are typically a lot of them and they are flying from my personal journal to your computer screen.

With Love,

JJ Goldsbury